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Mr Crack Fix. We Fix Cracked Walls

Mr Crack Fix utilise HELIFIX crack stitching and underpinning to provide the perfect solution for cracked walls, structural instability & unstable footings. Save thousands on rebuilding costs simply by repairing existing, instantly improve the resale value of your home. Immediate Long Term Fix to Substantial Structural Cracks, Internal & External Walls, Minimal Mess & Fuss, Free Site Inspection & Quote, All Repairs Guaranteed.

Our Expertise

Mr Crack Fix service residential and commercial building crack requirements.

Wall Crack Stitching

Wall crack stitching for house and commercial buildings.

View Our Crackfix Demo Videos

Watch the videos to see different types of Cracked Wall Repair in action.

What Does it Cost

Costs for crack stitching and stabilising are a fraction of what is required to rebuild.


Cracked Concrete Slab

Cracked Concrete Slab

This concrete slab floor in Melbourne required repair and make good. The slab had developed serious cracks throughout.
Beach Balustrade Mordialloc

Beach Balustrade Mordialloc

Mr Crack Fix was contacted by the City of Kingston to quote on extensive repairs to the Mordialloc sea wall.
HigginBotham Hall Wall Resto

HigginBotham Hall Wall Resto

Higginbotham Hall is the oldest civil building in Brighton, Melbourne.