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Mr Crack Fix, Fixes Cracks, Permanently.

Melbourne crack fix experts. Mr Crack Fix provide solutions for cracked walls and structural stabilisation issues.

Wall Crack Stitching

Wall Crack Stitching

Wall crack stitching for house and commercial buildings.

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Concrete Fence Crack Repair

Concrete Fence Crack Repair

Exterior masonry / concrete crack wall stitching and repair.

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Chimney Crack Repair

Chimney Crack Repair

Chimney crack repair using mortars and helical stitching.

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Concrete Slab Repairs

Concrete Slab Repair

Keyhole surgery for cracked concrete slab stablisation.

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Mr Crack Fix.
We Fix Cracked Walls.

Mr Crack Fix utilise HELIFIX crack stitching and underpinning to provide the perfect solution for cracked walls, structural instability & unstable footings. Save thousands on rebuilding costs simply by repairing existing, instantly improve the resale value of your home. Immediate Long Term Fix to Substantial Structural Cracks, Internal & External Walls, Minimal Mess & Fuss, Free Site Inspection & Quote, All Repairs Guaranteed.

  • Repair Existing
  • Fix Cracks Permanently
  • Save Thousands on Rebuilding Costs
  • Eliminate Cracks & Flaws
  • Heritage Wall Cracks
Mr Crack Fix. We Fix Cracked Walls
Mr Crack Fix. We Fix Cracked Walls
Mr Crack Fix. We Fix Cracked Walls

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