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Lancewood House Chimneys

The Problem

Mr Crack were called to repair damage to six historic chimneys as part of a full restoration of Lancewood house. Inspection of all six chimneys revealed extensive and similar damage to all.

The six chimneys were all in bad condition with four pots on each. The pots had become weathered and porous, with hairline cracking. The mortar capping surrounding the pots was also full of cracks and no longer waterproof or sound. Under the capping the moulding that makes up the top rims had pieces missing. The skirt of the chimneys were ok but had moss and bad deterioration of paint. The skirting also had weathering to the edges. The body of the chimneys was basically in good general condition but with some paint damage.

Some of the chimney pots had deteriorated to the point that they were about to fall, and were removed for safety. The overall damage was extensive and would require refabration of some of the pots, in addition to structural repairs to existing.

The Solution

  • Chimney tops/corbels in very bad condition. Mortar and topping very degraded.
  • Chimney pots very bad condition (we removed three that were about to collapse and ran duct tape around two that had multiple hairline cracks in them)
  • Remainder of chimney structure seem to be in good condition.
  • Flashings around chimneys to roof require repair.
  • Chimney tops are open to weather. They should be sealed.
  • New chimney pots to be made and kiln baked to cure (using removed pot sample as a template) and existing ones removed. New pots to be placed back in new mortar bed and the mortar bed coated with a breathable coating designed for use over cement based mortars.
  • IF the chimneys are not to be used for open fires and there are NO gas appliances using them as vents we recommend sealing them.
  • Once all works completed and cured, chimneys finished then to be re-painted and reinstalled.

The Result

Once all works were completed and the newly fabricated and kiln cured chimneys were finished (made using the same 150yr old hand crafted techniques), they were then re-painted and reinstalled.

The 6 Historic 150yr old chimneys were fully repaired and reinstated, All works completed to quoted amount with no variations working with the heritage architects.