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The Cracks We Fix

Wall Crack Stitching

Varying and unstable substrates, poor construction techniques and Melbourne’s unpredictable weather patterns have all contributed to extensive structural damage to residences throughout many suburbs of Melbourne. Mr Crack Fix have the crack fix expertise to repair exterior or interior wall cracks.

Melbourne’s unpredictable weather patterns of periods of extreme heat & drought, then heavy flooding rainfalls contribute to extensive structural damage to residences throughout many suburbs of Melbourne.

Houses in many suburbs of Melbourne (particularly inner Northern) sit on a base of bluestone boulders. As the substrate boulders shift over the years (exaggerated by severe drought and flood) the use of rigid cement slab and brick construction popular in the pre war and post WWII era cannot move with the earth as it adjusts with the climate conditions, resulting in damage to footings, cracked walls and building structures.

Equally; leaking plumbing, poor construction, earth tremors or even heavy traffic vibrations can cause major structural cracks. Masonry may deteriorate, delaminate and fail for a variety of reasons. Most of these problems can be overcome by using various combinations of Helifix remedial ties and masonry reinforcement products and techniques. Helifix products are able to provide secure, lasting connections in all forms of brick, blocks, concrete, stone, timber and traditional local building materials, and have proven to be fully effective in virtually every type of masonry structure from medieval churches to modern tower blocks, bridges and tunnels, to all forms of housing.

Some of the most commonly occurring structural faults can affect every type of commercial and residential property of any age or construction, and a number of Helifix repair strategies may be used to overcome them. Helifix masonry repair strategies involve the external installation of the product in the vast majority of situations and have been designed to ensure minimal disruption to building occupants and leave the repaired building visibly unimpaired.

Using various combinations of Helical ties, fixings and reinforcing rods virtually any situation can be dealt with so do not hesitate to contact us if you have a problem. Mr Crack Fix are authorised Helifix installers.

Mr Crack Expertise
Mr Crack Expertise

Chimney Crack Repair

There is approx. 2 tonne of weight in a square metre of bricks so even small chimneys can weigh 6 tonne and when they collapse they make a very big hole in a roof or adjoining property so their condition and structural integrity is important.

Chimneys are a specialist area for repair and require skilled professionals to undertake the structural works required and then to finish according to any Heritage overlays whilst not damaging the roof and doing it safely in accordance with OHS requirements.

The sheer weight of chimney structures, and their location on top of a house means that if they are in poor condition or structurally unsound they pose a seroius risk should they collapse, hence there condition and structural integrity is important.

Even one brick falling from a chimney can cause roof leaks that can then lead to internal ceiling collapse and room damage. Mr Crack Fix has repaired hundreds of Heritage chimneys throughout many of Melbourne’s established older suburbs.

Mr Crack Fix has a network of trades capable of providing safe access for tradesmen to work on the roof without damaging slates or iron plus the necessary skills to perform structural repairs and then fix or rebuild decorative corbels or pots and then render and make good.

Chimney works are sensitive and not for amateurs. Use a company that’s done it all.

 Chimney Crack Repair
 Chimney Crack Repair

Concrete Slab Repair

Mr Crack Fix uses cutting edge technologies and techniques for the raising and stabilising of concrete slabs. Mr Crack Fix have the expertise to repair your concrete slab crack problem.

Cracks in walls are not uncommon in Australian houses – occurring in both outside brickwork walls and inside plaster-board and rendered walls. However when a building footings supporting the wall is the cause, stabilising of the slab is often needed.

Footings can sink when they loose support from the foundation ground. Years of drought and subsequent heavy rainfall in Australia can affect soils containing reactive clay. The clay shrinks and the house can loose support. This can cause parts of the footing to sink and wall cracks to appear.

Re levelling sunken floors and foundations assists wall cracks to close up, windows and doors also begin to work properly again as sunken footings and floors return back to their correct levels. The process of re-levelling, repairing and waterproofing slabs is Mr Crack’s expertise, using the most efficient and no fuss method on the market.

Concrete Slab Repair Methods

  • Structural expanding resin is injected through tiny holes into the cavity
  • Keyhole surgery compared with traditional concrete underpinning
  • Resins expand to fill voids, compact soft ground and raise the home back to level
  • No excavation, no water, no cement dust and no mess
  • No need for occupants to move out
  • Raising and relevelling a house rarely takes more than a day
Concrete Slab Repair
Concrete Slab Repair

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