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Helifix Stitching System

Helifix Stitching System

Mr Crack fix is an approved installer of Helifix structural systems.

Helifix is a non-disruptive concealed installation technique for the effective repair commonly occurring structural faults.

Helifix Australia supplies the Australian construction industry with a range of construction ties, fixings and masonry repair and reinforcement systems, providing solutions for modern masonry repair and reinforcement and commonly occuring structural faults.

Helifix is the leading, proven supplier of Helical systems for professional use. View Helifix website

Using its range of specially engineered stainless steel ties and fixings, Helifix has developed non-disruptive concealed installation techniques for the effective repair of virtually all commonly occurring structural faults.


  • Repairs covered by worldwide Professional Indemnity insurance
  • Repairs meet or exceed Australian Building Codes
  • Advice and technical support by Helifix Australia
  • All products independently tested and approved
  • Non-disruptive, concealed, installation
  • Proven in all types of masonry structures
  • High quality, cost-effective and reliable
Helifix Stitching System
Helifix Stitching System