Who is Mr Crack Fix?

Mr Crack Fix provide solutions for cracked walls and structural stabilisation issues.

Melbourne’s experts in all methods of wall crack repair, fully qualified and insured.

Mr Crack Fix utilise Helical wall crack stitching techniques to deliver a cost effective and permanent solution to cracked walls, unstable footings and foundations. Underpinning and other remedial methods can also be used. Save thousands on rebuilding costs and simply repair existing. Mr Crack Fix service residential and commercial requirements throughout the greater Melbourne area.

The only option previously available to remedy major building defects was to undertake extensive (and expensive) rehabilitation works or to knock down and rebuild completely from scratch. Using partner products such as Helfix Wall Stitching, we can return your building or structure to its original state, typically with greater structural strength than previous. The integrity of the repair will remain structurally secure in excess of the building’s life span / usage expectancy.

Mr Crack Fix is supported by and is a division of Asset Rehabilitation Services (A.R.S.), who provide major infrastructure and repair work to the Commercial and Civil sectors.

Mr Crack Fix are approved authorized installers of Helifix® crack stitching systems. Mr Crack Fix provide Helifix® manufacturers warranties.

Registered and approved Heritage Australia Contractor.

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