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Heritage Chimney Repair

The Problem

There is approx 2 tonne of weight in a square metre of bricks so even small chimneys can weigh 6 tonne and when they collapse the make a very big hole in a roof or adjoining property so there condition and structural integrity is important. This extensively damaged 4 tonne Chimney required all of Mr Crack’s skill set to remedy and restore.

The Solution

Even one brick falling from this chimney could of caused roof leaks that then lead to the internal ceiling collapsing and room damage. Mr Crack Fix has repaired hundreds of Heritage chimneys throughout many of Melbourne’s established older suburbs and employed all its skills to fix this extensively damaged chimney.

Mr Crack Fix used its network of trades to repair the capping and structure and also the roof. Provide safe access for tradesmen to work on the roof without damaging the iron plus utilise the necessary skills to perform structural repairs and then fix and rebuild decorative corbels, then render and make good.

The Result

Chimney repaired as quoted, on time and on budget, no variations. Chimney works are sensitive and not for amateurs. Use a company that’s done it all.