Concrete Slab Repair

Wall crack stitching alone resolves most cracks and provides a permanent fix. In addition Mr Crack Fix uses cutting edge technologies and techniques for the raising and stabilising of structures.

Mr Crack Fix have the expertise to repair your concrete slab crack problem.

Cracks in walls are not uncommon in Australian houses – occurring in both outside brickwork walls and inside plaster-board and rendered walls. When sinking of building footings supporting the wall is a cause, raising and stabilising may be needed.

Footings can sink when they loose support from the foundation ground. Years of drought and subsequent heavy rainfall in Australia can affect soils containing reactive clay. The clay shrinks and the house can loose support. This can cause parts of the footing to sink and wall cracks to appear.

Re levelling sunken floors and foundations assists wall cracks to close up, windows and doors also begin to work properly again as sunken footings and floors return back to their correct levels. The process of raising, re-levelling and re-supporting a house is called ‘underpinning’. When Underpinning is required Mr Crack employ the most efficient and no fuss method on the market:

Stailising expertise methods
  • Structural expanding resin is injected through tiny holes into the cavity
  • Keyhole surgery compared with traditional concrete underpinning
  • Resins expand to fill voids, compact soft ground and raise the home back to level
  • No excavation, no water, no cement dust and no mess
  • No need for occupants to move out
  • Raising and relevelling a house rarely takes more than a day

Typically underpinning is used in combination with Helifix Wall Stitching. Re-pointing of mortar joints, patching and repainting may also be needed. Mr Crack Fix cannot guarantee that all wall cracks will close up as footings are lifted as structural movement or previous patching may prevent them from closing fully.

Mr Crack Fix employs wall stitching techniques which prevent movement and re-opening of cracks.

Mr Crack Fix are concrete slab repair experts Concrete slab cracks are a common problem in Melbourne A common concrete slab problem in Melbourne