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Historic Chimney Repair

The Problem

Historic chimney on Heritage listed Melbourne property requiring urgent repair and rehabilitation. Time, wind, rain and pollution had taken its toll on the bricks and mortar with many pieces crumbling and falling off. The owners were desperate to repair the crumbling chimney but had no idea how to go about the task. No help was provided by local tradesmen who had displayed little interest in the job. Luckily Mr Crack Fix were Googled for the task, supplied a quote and were contracted to do the job.

The Solution

Using a combination of mortars and helical stitching (used extensively on historic buildings dotted around the globe), Mr Crack Fix restored the iconic chimney back to its former glory.

The Result

The project came in as quoted and on time as all Mr Crack Fix projects do.
But don’t listen to us… here’s what the client had to say…
Hi Leigh,
Thanks for the excellent work in giving our tired old place a much needed face lift. We also very much appreciated Matt’s assistance with the portable scaffolding this week. In all it’s been a really good experience working with Mr Crack Fix and I think I’ve gained a little trowel skill… well at least I know which end to hold.
Once again many thanks.
Mary & Wal