Fence Repair

Residential Fence

A front fence of a residential home had structural damage and visible cracks due to unstable substrate.

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Cracked Concrete Slab

This concrete slab floor in Melbourne required repair and make good. The slab had developed serious cracks throughout.

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Historic Chimney Repair

Historic chimney on Heritage listed Melbourne property requiring urgent repair and rehabilitation.

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Beach Balustrade Mordialloc

Mr Crack Fix was contacted by the City of Kingston to quote on extensive repairs to the Mordialloc sea wall.

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Higginbotham Chimney Repairs

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Cracked Shopfront Walls

Commercial shopfront being renovated for occupancy by new tenants had major structural wall cracks.

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Two Storey House Crack

The two storey suburban house had cracked extensively due to extreme Melbourne earth tremors in 2012.

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Exterior House Cracks

Cracked walls can be overcome by using various combinations of Helifix remedial ties and masonry reinforcement products and techniques.

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HigginBotham Hall Wall Resto

Higginbotham Hall is the oldest civil building in Brighton, Melbourne.

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Interior Wall Cracks

Areas of Melbourne, in particular Northcote, Brunswick, Coburg and the inner north west are prone to cracked walls due to unstable substrate.

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